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Air Conditioning Service from €139.99

Air conditioning is essential for your comfort and can contribute to your safety. Its main purpose is to provide a comfortable environment inside your car, regardless of the outside temperature. However, if your air conditioning system has been switched off for a while, who knows what it could be hiding?

Condensation in the pipework combined with heat from the engine creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. And it's not just unpleasant odours you'll have to suffer, your health could also be affected with sore throats, sneezing and irritated eyes. Also, a vehicle that has an inefficient air conditioning system uses more fuel meaning it's costlier to run.

Air conditioning service includes:

  • Full draining and refilling of gas with tracker dye
  • Inspection of air duct system and pollen filter
  • Check and print-out of operating pressure
  • Leak detection
  • De-humidifying of gas

A bi-annual service and treatment of your air conditioning system will ensure optimum efficiency and inhibit the growth of bacterial that cause unpleasant odours.

Book your air conditioning service today from €139.99 by calling us on 01 869 2166 or booking online using the red button below.

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